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Épicé’s Therapeutic Moisturizer

Posted by Administrator on 2/1/2016
Creating an effective moisturizer for all skin types     

By Dr. Michael S. Spicer

              My initial venture was to create a moisturizer for kids with atopic dermatitis or eczema because I saw multiple kids suffer with severe itching while doing my internship in Pediatrics and Dermatology.  Many of these children were having sleepless nights due to constantly scratching their skin.  I knew about the medicines available for the condition but medicines have their own side effects.  I also knew about the skin barrier deficiencies and the status pro quo treatments which focused on barrier repair.  I listened to the mothers of these poor infants and the children themselves and they all complained about how the “standard” moisturizing treatment felt on their skin and made them feel suffocated, sticky, and uncomfortable. I came across a moisturizing cream that was primarily aloe-based but petroleum free.  I had the lab add dimethicone and “tweaked” it a bit and tried it on my atopic kids.  Amazingly I saw smiles instead of tears.  Because of this wonderful moisturizer, it leads to less medication and overall a more healthy skin care regimen.

Épicé’s Therapeutic Moisturizer is a soothing, scent free formula. It uses a blend of aloe, shea butter and cocoa butter as natural moisturizers to heal and rebuild your dry, sensitive skin. Glycerin acts as an emollient to hydrate and soften the skin while Dimethicone forms a barrier protecting your skin from environmental irritants. Our moisturizer is Petrolantum-free, mineral oil-free, propolenglycol-free, paraben-free & fragrance-free.


Date: 2/25/2016
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