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Épicé and Ipsy

Posted by on 2/20/2017

Épicé and Ipsy have much more in common than just their names.

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service created by YouTube sensation and makeup artist Michelle Phan.  The name Ipsy comes from the Latin derivative, ipse, which means “sense of self.”

Épicé is a line of skincare products created by Florida dermatologist Dr. Michael S. Spicer.

The name Épicé comes from the French word, spelled and pronounced exactly the same as the product line, which means “spicy” -  a fun and engaging reference to Dr. Spicer’s surname.

While Ipsy educates and inspires its audience to embrace their inner and outer beauty, Épicé provides quality skincare products that allow its fans to discover their healthiest skin.

Both entrepreneurial creators are innately motivated to the same goal:

To bring out the best in others so they may reach their full, uninhibited potential.

And with this shared purpose it’s not surprising that both Épicé Skincare and Ipsy continue to marry their visions, providing savvy consumers with the best both Phan, Dr. Spicer, and their support teams have to offer.

Épicé Skincare products have been featured in Ipsy’s “Glam Bags” for the 3rd time now. The most recent Ipsy subscription Glam Bag contains our Restorative Toner.

If you’re not an Ipster, don’t feel left out! You can purchase Épicé’s Restorative Toner at EpiceSkincare.com.

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