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Frequently Asked Questions

Épicé Skincare Founder Dr. Michael Spicer answers the most common questions about his elite line of skincare products:


1. 1. How long does it take for Epice skincare products to work?


Result times will vary from individual to individual because skin is different with varying types, ages and unique environmental damage (sun, wind, etc.). Also, result times vary depending on what one is looking for (reduction in fine line, wrinkle, acne etc.). I recommend using a product for at least one month, since it takes about that long for a few good turnover cycles.


2. What skin types benefit from Épicé Skincare products?

Every skin type can benefit from using Épicé Skincare products. Épicé Skincare products are designed to help protect, achieve and maintain healthy skin, whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or combination.  To find out exactly what products are best for your specific skin type, please refer to our personalized regimen guide. 

3. What are the long-term benefits of Épicé Skincare products?

So often in my practice I see skin problems caused by skin care products, or the improper use of skin care products.  At Épicé we pride ourselves in producing quality skincare products and educating consumers on the proper use of these products depending on one’s skin type, age and geographic location.  The ultimate goal is to achieve and maintain healthy skin.

4. Once I open an Épicé product, how long can I use it? What is the shelf life?

Épicé Skincare products are designed to have about a two-year shelf life, but most will have an expiration date stamped on the package. Once opened the products are good for several months.  

5. Do Épicé Skincare products contain artificial ingredients?

Épicé Skincare products source the purest, most natural ingredients. There are no dye, additives, fragrance, or irritants in Épicé Skincare products wherever possible. However, research has shown that there are ingredients that work synergistically to enhance the overall benefits of a skincare product.  Since our mantra is “It’s all about healthy skin” you can be assured that the products are designed with your health in mind.

6. Does Épicé Skincare test on animals?

None of our Épicé Skincare products contain animal byproducts and are not tested on animals, making them Vegan friendly.

7. Are Épicé Skincare products gluten free?

Yes. All Épicé Skincare products are gluten free and safe to use in gluten-sensitive patients.

8. Are Épicé Skincare product suitable to be used during pregnancy?

All Épicé Skincare products are safe to use during pregnancy, EXCEPT the Retinol Serum.

9. What is your return policy?

We allow returns on any products that have not been opened/used. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for the product to be returned and can be returned to: 2825 Business Center Blvd, Ste D7, Melbourne, FL 32940. We do require an email before the product it returned and a response given by customer service before sending the product back. Please send emails to [email protected]

10. What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is a Flat Rate of $5.95 for orders of $99.99 or less. For orders over $100.00 we provide Free shipping.

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