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Sleeping in your makeup

Posted by Administrator on 3/6/2015

We all know that makeup can be a girl’s best friend.  It can cover imperfections and make you look and feel more beautiful.  But it can also be your enemy if left on overnight consecutively. I think we all can admit that we’ve done this a time or two, whether you’ve just been too tired or maybe just forgotten you had it on, sleeping in your makeup is a skin sin.  Makeup that's left on overnight can result in clogged pores, which leads to acne and even worse, premature aging.

Here are the damaging affects it has on your skin:

Sleeping in Your Makeup

One of the most important things you can do for your skin is getting a great night's sleep. Sleep allows the skin to restore its natural balance and increases the effectiveness of certain skin care ingredients. This makes it an ideal time to apply moisturizers,  anti-aging serums, & medications.


Makeup is great at covering up uneven skin tone, redness, active acne, & acne scarring. But makeup can actually make acne worse. The problem with makeup is that it clogs pores & prevents sebum (a waxy lubricant that helps moisturize & protect our skin) from doing its job -- instead, sebum builds up, which can cause acne.  Always look for makeup labeled non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores.

If you accidentally fall asleep with your makeup on, first, cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle face wash. Afterward, apply your normal skincare routine as you would at nighttime. Don't forget to moisturize, because sleeping with makeup on can dehydrate your skin.

Premature Aging

When you leave on your makeup overnight, all that leftover foundation & powder causes your skin to dry out.  Wrinkles are not caused directly by your makeup, but they do tend to show up more pronounced on dry skin.

Also, when makeup becomes embedded in your pores, it can make them look larger. This will stretch them out & since your skin collagen levels decline as you age, your pores won't bounce back so easily.


All these factors can make your skin age faster.  So just think of this the next time you’re lying in bed telling yourself it’s ok, it won’t hurt to leave it on one night.  If you continue this habit, it may start to show in your skin. 

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