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Why choose Epice Skincare?

Posted by Administrator on 4/15/2015

With vast amounts of skincare products on the market today not doing what they advertise, how do you know what works and who to trust?

  Epice Skincare products are developed, formulated, and tested by board-certified, practicing dermatologist Dr. Michael Spicer.  With his considerable amount of knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the skin, he took it upon himself to personally create quality products that really work. 

 At Epice Skincare, we are using advanced patented technology from a Swiss laboratory and the highest quality raw ingredients to formulate and develop elite skin care products.  Clinical studies have shown that the active ingredients in our serums and night cream are proven to reduce and change the appearance of wrinkles.

 We use holistic team approach of international dermatologists, aestheticians, chemists, and naturopathic doctors to produce optimal products for the health of the skin.  After all, our mantra is "all about healthy skin".

If you can't trust a doctor who specializes in the care of skin to create superior skincare products, then who will you trust?

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